The Red Shed Project: Final thoughts

Glory be to God for giving me the inspiration,courage and determination for such a project. Thanks to my wife and children for their support and patience. I would also like to thank my family at PALMER FOODSERVICE for allowing me such a great opportunity and always letting me know they truly care about their employees.

As I worked to transform this building I also worked to transform my life. I was faced with many trials and will continue to be. I pray to God to keep blessing me and continue to change me into the man I am meant to be.

I have been moved into The Red Shed since September 29 2019 and off the electric grid since October 8 2019. There are plenty of odds and ends to do to The Red Shed but like most projects, it will never be complete. I will be doing something to it for some time. Check back often for updates on The Red Shed Project.

My next project is going to be my solar array and will give details in that blog. I will cover a simple 12 volt battery solar powered array and installation. Purchasing new panels, testing old panels, batteries, maintence and care. I will also cover other topics such as small L.E.D. lighting and rechargeable AA,AAA,C, and D batteries and two different types of chargers and more. So come check me out and maybe together we can learn something. 😂

If this blog interested you and inspired you please stop by my You Tube channel and online store. Thanks again for joining me and peace be in your lives!

Author: Charles Blackwell

Twenty plus years night shift. Married to the love of my life since 1995. Father of two wonderful children.

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