… Before I explain The Red Shed Project I would like to take a moment to catch you up on a little history.

My wife and I have been together since 1991 and married since 1995. She is my rock, my leaning post and my angel. We met on school bus 7. I both ask her to be my fiancée and wife at the same county dumpster. LOL Yes, you read that right, dumpster. My grandmother helped me pick out her first ring. Money was tight in our family so after a bargain was struck (I pay half and my grandmother would pay half) , I bought the ring.

I got on the bus on a crisp Thursday morning , December 12th 1991 with the ring in my pocket. As I sat down I thought ” Where can I propose”? The dumpster was just a turning point on the bus route but it served as my turning point or “You better have ask by now” point. She said yes.

Fast forward a few years, on the way to her house after renting movies and buying Taco Bell, my truck just happened to start spitting and sputtering as we neared the dumpster ,I pulled over and pretended it was engine trouble and ask her to step out. As she came to the front of the truck she found me on one knee and I ‘popped’ the question. She said yes but still to this day aggravates me and says our relationship started in the dumps.

Genesis 2:24

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon for more history on the origins of The Red Shed Project.

Author: Charles Blackwell

Twenty plus years night shift. Married to the love of my life since 1995. Father of two wonderful children.

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